Who I Am and What I Do

Like many healers my passion & discovery of our ability to heal came via my own self-healing journey, experiencing trauma that lead to severe depression and anxiety, I hit rock bottom and had to rebuild my health and life... and so began my deep fascination with the infinite possibilities available to us to restore & experience more than we dreamed possible.

It began with the Healing Code, a form of ‘white light’ healing that I continue to utilise in my signature processes connecting clients with white light from Source, Light or God. This healing assists in dissolving irrational thought processes, destructive cellular memories and energising the endocrine system.

A profound Spiritual Awakening experience supercharged my understanding of healing & my own ability to facilitate healing with others, leading me to dig deeper into the possibilities & so becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher.

When I discovered Biofield Tuning I was immediately drawn to the possibilities & benefits of this amazing modality… I’ve had the great privilege of being trained & personally mentored by the founder of Biofield Tuning - Eilleen Day McKusick to the highest level.

There are so many methodologies available today but few are as powerful & effective as PSYCH-K®, allowing us to quickly and easily change outdated limiting subconscious beliefs, that may be sabotaging our health and wellbeing, our goals and our everyday experience of life. This truly life-changing modality intensifies the results of my work. I am a PSYCH-K® Master Facilitator and I’m listed as a Preferred Facilitator with PSYCH-K® International.

My deep understanding of the interconnectedness of the tissue, fluid and the systems of the body further enhances my ability to heal. I enjoy ongoing training and mentoring in the field of visceral and cranial sacral therapies allowing me to continue to expand possibilities.

The healing properties of frequency and vibrational energy lead me to further add to my tool kit in the study of Sound Healing. I incorporate sound in both private and group sessions, working with crystal singing pyramids, shamanic drum, crystal, and Tibetan singing bowls, and chakra chimes. I’ve been told the way I use sound is unique & powerful but for me, it is both divine & primal.

My purpose & deepest desire is to continue to expand the possibilities, committing my life to heal and facilitate others to have a deep impact on their state of wellbeing.